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  • Glass Nail Files

    Original Czech glass nail files with Swarovski rhinestones.Dear Customer: Welcome into the world of glass nail files from Mont Bleu Company. We are happy to present to you our wide assortment of original Czech glass nail files made from tempered glass. We are the producers not retailers, thus we guarantee high quality products and reasonable prices.Several decoration technologies, dozens of decoration designs, dozens of glass nail file colors, different sizes all of these we are offering to you as one of the best products on the market.

  • Glass Foot Files

    Glass foot files and callus removers.We offer you complete foot care, including files for your toenails and foot scrapers. Scrapers from Mont Bleu will gently remove hard skin and calluses, without any damage to the underlying skin and no danger of cuts or bleeding.The perfect alternative to your old pumice stone and metal scraper, glass scrapers are very durable and extremely hygienic. Both the foot files and callus remover are made of Czech tempered glass. These files can be safely sterilized with boiling water and/or in an autoclave. We give a lifetime guarantee on the abrasive surface.No more cuts, no more dry skin, no more expensive salon visits and fears of infection. All you need is here. Pick the one you like and buy it today.

  • Tweezers

    Eyebrow tweezers made from stainless steel with slant tip decorated with Swarovski crystals.Ideally adjusted tips are specially slanted so you can grab even very fine hair, each time meticulously precisely. Some rubbed sided, some with rubber button, for better handling. All of presented tweezers decorated with Swarovski crystals and very high quality.Our tweezers make an ideal gift or gift set along with matching pocket mirrors or glass nail files. Imagine set including items with all iridescent reflecting the light Swarovski crystals. Could you even find a better presents.

  • Manicure Sets

    High-quality leather manicure sets.There are two possible varieties to choose from: glass nail file with scissors or glass nail file with scissors and tweezers. However limited content types do not mean limited color and shape variations. Sets are made in Solingen, Germany.If you are looking for something rather neat, feel free to purchase set in neutral colors, or if you are looking for set matching your travel bag or suitcase there is an option of bold, bright colors.

  • Nail Scissors

    Nail Scissors made of stainless steel and decorated with Swarovski crystals.We offer you only high quality products, from the best suppliers in the world. Scissor presented here, supplied by German producer well know for it's quality. We offer you different types of scissors like cuticle scissor with thin blades, curved and flat blade nail scissors. Made from stainless steel decorated with Swarovski crystals in elegant designs, these scissors are great additional tool to your manicure set.

  • Compact Mirrors

    Compact mirrors made from metal or high quality plastic, decorated with Swarovski crystals.Our best-selling collection is presented here- collection of compact mirrors. All of our mirrors are from the best suppliers in the world. Mirrors consist of two reflecting surfaces one magnifying for details and the other usual. Very useful in every situation you might use your compact mirror.Decoration designs boggle the imagination, starting from simple sun designs up to curlicues. Our plastic compact mirrors as well as metal compact mirrors is a great set maker with tweezers or glass nail files.

  • Cosmetic Mirrors

    Mont Bleu Luxury cosmetic mirrors are for people who like something made on high level of quality and with a unique touch of hand work. Stand mirror is an essential “must-have” for any woman. Dual-sided, premium quality mirror has one magnifying side which allows you to see up-close in details for better make-up application. The other side is great for checking yourself in distance. Pedestal mirrors have magnification rating starting from x2.5.Sleek design, chrome finish and Swarovski Elements will fit to any bathroom.Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. Time consuming hand-work by Mont Bleu.

  • Hair Brushes

    Hair brushes-Essential cosmetic tool everyone should have.Wooden hair brushes with natural boar bristles with massage pins in between. Hair brushes we offer supplied by German reliable producer, so we can guarantee the highest quality of them. Decoration we made on them from Swarovski crystals brings a sparkle to your everyday tool. No need to go to hair salon, when you can get wellness massage at your home using our hair brushes.

  • Makeup Brushes

    Makeup brushes hand decorated with Swarovski crystals.Variety of high quality makeup brushes for professionals and home use. All of our brushes are made from quality materials, brushes made from natural goat or pony hair, as well as handles made from beech wood or plastic. Some of brushes made from high quality synthetic fiber, this kind of brushes will definitely suit those who can’t use animal based products.

  • Fashion Jewelery

    Collection of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets with Swarovski crystals!We are glad to offer you our collection of bijouterie. Unique and elegant pieces of jewelry, made by hand.Several types of earrings with various shapes and color of the stones will be a great choice if you are looking for something elegant, yet sophisticated.Adjustable sized rings with Swarovski crystals, made from rhodium-plated metal, pendants with one or several crystals, bracelets from several crystals.You can make set from matching pieces, or wear them alone as an addition to your own jewelry.

  • Women lighters

    Lighters decorated by hand with Swarovski crystals.We are glad to offer you our lighter assortment. Decorated with Swarovski crystals, butane lighters with safe piezoelectric element will perfectly fit to your smoking habit, or will make a great gift idea. Our lighters decorated with Swarovski crystals come in variety of designs and colors. We also offer lighter cases for BIC and similar lighters, decorated with Swarovski Elements.

  • Keyrings and mobile charms

    Key rings and mobile charms with Swarovski crystals.Pleasant little things like mobile charms and key rings make our everyday routine more cheerful. Our company gladly presents you wide assortment of key rings with Swarovski crystals and mobile charms with single piece of Swarovski crystal.Browse through our selection, and be sure you can find what you are looking for.

  • Bag hangers

    Bag hangers decorated with Swarovski Elements Small and portable purse hanger, which allows you to hang your bag anywhere: office, restaurant or university. Suitable as a gift for all women ages. Bag hangers are one of the most functional and trendy accessories in our days. Purse hangers we offer are made form high-quality materials and are capable of holding up to 20 pounds/10 kg of weight. Shining crystals on top of the bag hanger will become an eye treat for any occasion.

  • Card holders

    Card holders decorated with Swarovski Elements.We brought a fresh look at highly underestimated personal accessory such as business card holder. Sleek and functional design combined with high-quality hand-decorating work, will add an unforgettable attitude to your image. Get your own chic accessory right now, whether its a gift or you want to treat yourself.

  • Gift Sets

    Show somebody special how much you care with our specially selected collection of nail care and cosmetic tools gift sets. The finest glass nail files, tweezers and compact mirror from Mont Bleu are available already packed and ready for presenting. Elegant gift box with three pieces of high-quality beauty tools, decorated with Swarovski Elements will make a remarkable gift for her. Getting the right gift was never easy, but we made it simply for you.

  • Heart series

    Special products with heart designs. Perfect for your loved ones, for special occasions like Saint Valentine's day or birthdays. Variety of beautiful products which meant to be gifted, explore new product line full of love. Bright heart design made from Swarovski element will say more then you expect from a simple gift. High quality glass nail files, key ring, lighters and compact mirrors. Emerge your feelings.

  • Personalized gifts

    Highly demanded personalized gifts are also available in our online shop. Here you can find glass nail files ready for customization. Whether its initials, word or even small logos we are ready to make a custom glass nail file for you. Engraved card holders are not so original any more, but business card holder with custom design made from Swarovski Elements is something remarkable. Hair brushes are also available as personalized gifts. Just initials or names, we will combine best color matching Swarovski crystals, for you to get a unique customized gift. Below you can see examples of what we can offer to you.