Glass Nail Files

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Glass Nail Files

Original Czech glass nail files with Swarovski rhinestones.

Dear Customer:
Welcome into the world of glass nail files from Mont Bleu Company. We are happy to present to you our wide assortment of original Czech glass nail files made from tempered glass.
We are the producers not retailers, thus we guarantee high quality products and reasonable prices.

Several decoration technologies, dozens of decoration designs, dozens of glass nail file colors, different sizes all of these we are offering to you as one of the best products on the market.


  • CRYSTAL Line

    Glass nail files with Swarovski crystals.Glass nail files made from high quality tempered Czech glass decorated with Swarovski crystals, one of our best sellers. Ranked as the safest and most durable manicure tool, our glass nail files will satisfy any need of yours, whether for professional use or home manicure. We offer many designs, some with silver decorative figures and others with semi-precious stones.

  • ELEGANT line

    Glass nail files with Swarovski Elements.Black glass nail files with originally shaped handle tip. The square shape of the handle as well as the square shape of the crystals creates a most unique look. A safe, durable and elegant nail care tool in several designs and colors, it comes in standard 135mm/5.5 inch size.

  • CLASSIC line

    Original Czech glass nail files.Czech glass nail files made by Mont Bleu. The high quality crystal nail files we offer are made from Czech tempered glass, also called crystal. We offer you variety of sizes and colors. Our glass nail files have a life-long guarantee on their filing surfaces. We assure you that you will never need another one.

  • MINI Glass Nail Files

    Small glass nail files: The ideal travel companion.These petite and elegant glass nail files are presented in the same colors and design variations as the medium ones.The small size has some advantages for your nail file. It fits in every purse, is ideal for travel kits, and is less exposed to unexpected breaking conditions.Also small glass nail files are ideal as an additional corporate gift or an additional item in a ready-to-go set.

  • Nail file SETS

    Glass Nail File sets.We can offer our customers different types of glass nail file sets. There are several different types of sets; with one you get whole line of one glass nail file design as a set; another set option is two glass nail files of same design but different sizes, and the last option a set of 3 glass nail files of same design but again, in different sizes.All of the glass nail files in the sets are made from Czech glass, in the Bohemian region, famous for its glass-making traditions.

  • Hard Case Nail files

    Nail files in hard plastic case.As a company which cares about our customers, we thought about our conservative and male clients. Some of people prefer having classic nail files with solid handle. We have solution in this case too, glass nail files with plastic handle in safety case: hard case nail files.Hard case nail files are good for someone who travels a lot and prefers neat and simple things. Increased utility and durability due to the smaller size and plastic case of this type of nail file allow you to carry it with you all the time.

  • JEWELERY line

    Glass nail files with precious metals and semi-precious stones.Glass nail files from Jewelry line especially for those who values and admires priceless precious metals and semi-precious stones. Different types of figurines made from gold or silver adorn glass nail files of highest quality creating an ensemble of an elegant piece of jewelry.Glass nail files with semi-precious stones are ideal for those who believe in things like birth-stone e.g., being an personal care tool these glass nail files could also become possible charm.

  • 3D Design Nail Files

    Glass nail files with full colored 3D effect stickers.Glass nail files with 3D stickers were recently introduced into our assortment. 3D glass nail files could be promotional products, or affordable, yet stylish gifts.Animal prints, glamour, design, manga style, fantasy, abstract patterns, famous people, sightseeing destinations – the list is endless.Welcome to the never ending story.

  • Hand Painted Nail Files

    Hand painting glass nail files from original Czech glass. Hand painting glass nail files is a time-consuming task. Each glass nail file is hand painted by an artist. Every color, every brushstroke, we chose carefully and executed perfectly. The customer will therefore get a stunning quality product. Prices are very reasonable considering the amount of work and attention to detail.

  • ZODIAC line

    Zodiac jewelry glass nail files- little piece of astrology.Glass nail files decorated with silver or gold horoscope signs and Swarovski crystals are also presented in the Mont Bleu collection.Carefully chosen from the myriad of horoscope sign designs and meticulously crafted with Swarovski crystals on the surface of the file, these products are truly pieces of fine jewelry.

  • LUXURY edition

    Crystal nail files from the Luxury line are the high-end product.Fanciful patterns from dozens of different sized Swarovski crystals are the most time consuming of all of our decorative designs. That’s what makes these Luxury crystal nail files so special.Created for those who demand only the highest quality and original workmanship, crystal nail files with splendid Swarovski crystals in Mont Bleu’s designs will satisfy their requirements.As with the rest of our crystal nail files, the Luxury crystal nail files are durable, hygienic and long-lasting.

  • Gift Boxes

    Gift boxes for glass nail files and crystal nail files.Every gift needs to be nicely wrapped and gift boxed. Besides the gifts themselves, we offer you gift wrapping too.Made from high quality materials, the gift boxes come in a variety of colors, sizes and cover textures.Let this be your best present.