Compact Mirrors

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Compact Mirrors

Compact mirrors made from metal or high quality plastic, decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Our best-selling collection is presented here- collection of compact mirrors. All of our mirrors are from the best suppliers in the world.
Mirrors consist of two reflecting surfaces one magnifying for details and the other usual. Very useful in every situation you might use your compact mirror.

Decoration designs boggle the imagination, starting from simple sun designs up to curlicues. Our plastic compact mirrors as well as metal compact mirrors is a great set maker with tweezers or glass nail files.


  • Plastic compact mirrors

    Plastic compact mirrors decorated with Swarovski Elements.Wonderful variety of designs, high quality plastic, very handy two mirrors all of these are the content of our plastic compact mirrors collection. Light weighted and classic shaped plastic compact mirrors will definitely be a great accessory in any lady’s purse.

  • Metal compact mirrors

    Metal compact mirrors decorated with Swarovski Elements.Metal compact mirrors are suited for those ladies who like combination of toughness and femininity. High-quality steel and splendid decoration with Swarovski Elements will definitely find their admirers. Mont Bleu offers you two types of shapes: round and square, as well as three color variations: black, matte and shiny metal.