Information for wholesalers on Mont Bleu company e-shop

Wholesale discounts from our retail prices on this e-shop:

1000€ - 40%
2000€ - 60%
5000€ - 65%
10000€ - 70%
20000€ - individual prices

Wholesale crystal glass nail files, tweezers, pocket mirrors hand decorated with Swarovski crystals.Mont Bleu Design Atelier produces and decorates variety of high quality products.

Mont Bleu is producer of glass and crystal nail file and design atelier. We offer quality products for all niche markets. You get merchandise directly from mass and exclusive products producer.

Our major clients in the Czech republic, Estonia, Lithuania, UK, USA, Poland and Russia: "Marrionaud Perfumeries", "Douglas Cosmetics", "Ideaal Kosmeetika", "Fann Perfumeries", "Drogas", "36.6" (biggest Russian drug chain stores), "Kosmada", "Kristiana", "Space NK".

Our production is suitable for selling in many places, including:

-Cosmetic and Perfume shops and chain stores
-Apothecaries, Drugstores, Pharmacies and Chemist's shops and chain stores
-Online shops and stores
-Accessories and Fashion and chain stores
-Gifts and Souvenirs shops and chain stores
-Hotels, Beauty and Spa Salons
-Bijouterie, Custom Jewelry and Jewelry shops and chain stores
-Boutiques, Luxury and Brand shops and chain stores

So if you decided to become our long-term partner, feel free to contact us to get closest information about wholesale.